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Counting with Fake Note Detector

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Currency Counting Machine with Fake Note Detector- Automatic bill counting machines can easily count notes much faster than any human. It is fully capable of handling a great deal of cash at the same time and it only takes just a few seconds for it to count, and so it increases productivity. Currency counting machines will offer accurate results. Any human can make an error while counting money in a manual way. very easy to operate, and it comes with an automatic start and stop. The machine will start automatically once the notes are inserted and then it will stop whenever the count is done. The simple functions of the machine offer a user-friendly interface. have the ability to detect counterfeit currency, as well as count the notes. Fake note detector machines can inform you with a beep when there are fake, torn or unusable notes that get inserted into the machine. This is one of the more valuable benefits as it can save your business from major losses.


  • Stacker Capacity - 200 Bills
  • Counting Speed - >1000 Pcs Per Min
  • Manual and Automatic Counting
  • Fake Note Detection
  • 1 Year Warranty and Service
  • Mix Note Counting and Normal Counting


Banks, NBFC'S, Small-Medium-Large Enterprises, Petrol Bunks, Retail and Wholesale Shops, Jewellery, Textiles, Individuals

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